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Auto Heat & Clean Series

GH-298 IEC / GH-368 IEC


Intelligent electrical decreasing function
15 minutes to dissolve adhesive oil by heat generating line, then strong spray to cleaning

2 speed anti-oil spilling design
Wind-dried by two different speed efficiently to prevent oil overflow

Double rotary bearing motors
Double rotary bearing motors, durable and silent

Strong jet cleaning
Strong spray nozzle on fan blade

Equipped with 1000cc water container
Every time fill in 1000cc clean water without any chemical liquid

Motors in synchronous reverse design
Turbine of synchronous reverse design, concentrate the suction force




Model: GH-298 IEC GH-368 IEC
Coating Stainless Steel
Machine Dimension 710mm(W) x 515mm(D) x 160mm(H) 890mm (W) X 515mm (D) X 160mm (H)
Packing Dimension 770mm(W) x 600mm(D) x 220mm(H) 960mm (W) X 600mm (D) X 220mm (H)
Net Weight 12kg 14kg
Gross Weight 14kg 16kg
Motor Watt 70W X 2/ 160W (HEAT)
Motor Two Motor
Motor Speed ASK
Exhaustion ASK
Air Duct Dia ø 150mm
Voltage 220-240V / 50Hz
lllumination 10W


Wing Hing is highly concerned on the customer service level. In addition to own our designers and vendors, we also establish professional service team which responsible for all the maintenance and warranty services. The advantage is that we can collect customer's feedback directly, and apply to our new design products. This can keep improvement on quality level, and develop better products.


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